21 Automotive A/C Tips for 2021

It’s a New Year—so out with the old and in with the NEW!

Well, how about we keep some of the “old” and bring in some “cutting edge”? That’s more in keeping with the FJC tradition of being on the forefront of the automotive A/C aftermarket industry!

Here are 21 exciting tips for 2021 from FJC …..

(1) What’s new at FJC?  Check out our new “Refrigerant PLUS” line for one of our latest—and most exciting—product lines.  We are now offering six new low priced refrigerant products with dispensing caps—for easy breezy A/C recharging.   These                   products run the gamut from straight R-134a to options which include leak sealer, UV or red dye, performance boosters and specialty additives.

(2) FJC offers an annual printed catalog which is a great reference tool for our customers.  Our 2021 catalog is also available online  here.  Or, you can request some to be delivered with your prepaid stock order.  The first four pages are dedicated to our new product offerings!

(3) Have some questions about A/C terminology?  Use our always-handy Automotive A/C Glossary!

(4) All necessary forms for becoming an FJC Distributor are available here.  Just send the completed forms to admin@fjcinc.com

(5) Our immersive website https://fjcinc.com offers product pages with multiple perspective views of each product, product overview and description, CA Proposition warnings, and SDS sheets and product instructions.

(6) FJC offers one of the most comprehensive automotive refrigerant lines on the market—straight refrigerants, oil charges, leak detection and sealing—and more!  Check it out!

(7) Our O-ring & Service Item Chart can be found here

(8) Wondering why the automotive A/C market  switched to R-1234yf from R-134a?  The simple answer is, “No, it was not to make your life more difficult,” but for a more complete answer, read this .

(9) We’re more than just automotive A/C—take a good look at our convenient power division

(10) Are China Tariffs affecting your bottom line?  Learn how our import experts work hard every day to save you money at FJC!

(11) Not sure about the difference between old “puncture-style” refrigerant cans and the new “self sealing” cans, and their associated dispensing tools?  Check out our explainer here

(12) Our Inspection checklist is an invaluable tool to guide your Automotive A/C Inspections

(13) FJC offers an informative weekly blog  to help you navigate the ever-changing world of automotive A/C.  The most recent are posted first, but you can always use the search bar to find one on a topic  about which you need additional information

(14) Follow us on social media—Facebook , Google and LinkedIn for all the latest buzz

(15) We’ve got a Compressor Lubricant Original Equipment Exchange posted here

(16) We offer a layman’s guide to automotive A/C for the uninitiated right here

(17) Did you know FJC product purchases are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship?  Read our full warranty here

(18) We offer fantastic spring specials just in time for your season purchasing!  To learn more, be a distributor in good standing!

(19) A/C blowing warm?  You’ve likely got a leak.  Find out where it is using our leak detection tools!

(20) California’s Proposition 65 affect FJC and many other businesses.  Learn exactly what it is and what those little warning symbols mean here

(21) FJC offers good old-fashioned customer service.  Call the office at 704-664-3587 to speak with Kathern, or Frances or email our team at admin@fjcinc.com .  At FJC we put as much time into our business relationships as we do our products.  So if you want top quality products with unsurpassed customer service, be sure to get to know us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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