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PRODUCT OF THE MONTH—6842—Universal Side Can Tap R-12/R-134a/R-1234yf

Do you still have some old puncture-style refrigerant cans in the garage, but can no longer find puncture-style dispensing equipment? Is your local liquidator selling puncture-style cans for a fraction of the price of self-sealing? Does your business use a

Cost of Auto A/C Recharge: DIY vs Take it to the Shop?

Have you ever experienced a sweltering day where you started your vehicle, cranked the A/C and a few moments later realized it’s simply not generating cold air?  It’s happened to most of us at one point or another.  But what

Everything You Need to Know About Automotive A/C and Cold Weather

It’s good to know…. Air conditioning system doesn’t only cool the air, it also conditions it by drying and filtering it. Operating your vehicle’s A/C during  colder months can prolong the life of your vehicle’s system and, even more importantly,