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Sealing leaks in Automotive A/C

Under normal conditions you should never have to recharge you automotive A/C with refrigerant.  The system is, after all, a closed loop through which the refrigerant flows ad infinitum.  So what does it mean if your system starts blowing warm

Is it Normal for my Car’s A/C to Freeze Up?

No.  No, it’s not. A properly functioning  vehicle  air conditioning system is absolutely crucial to maintaining a cool and comfortable interior cabin, especially during the heat of summer.  That’s why when things start to go wrong, we are so impatient

20 “Must Have” Items to Help Grow Your HEAVY DUTY Business

When you’re in need of heavy-duty air conditioning products, tools, equipment and refrigerant, think FJC HD! FJC is committed to supporting and advancing the commercial vehicle industry.  To that end, we carry an extensive inventory of A/C  products, tools, equipment