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FJC’s Fall Promo Going on RIGHT NOW!

As we head into the cold fall and winter months, FJC is offering exceptional deals, prices and terms on our Service Tools and Equipment, Engine Cooling Tools and Kits, Battery Testers, Tools, Inverters, Booster Cables , Retail Displays—AND MORE!! Below

FJC’s 2021 Catalog Makes its Debut

One thing we frequently hear from our customers is that a physical printed catalog really sets FJC apart from the competition.   This physical, tangible resource becomes a permanent part of their business.  They like having a copy or two on

R-1234yf Refrigerant and the Environment

Pollution is the introduction of substances which cause adverse changes in the environment or living organisms.  We’re all familiar with contaminated waterways,  improper waste disposal, and noise and light pollution.   We are going to focus on  the role refrigerants play