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Vehicle Temperature Control in 2020

How lucky are we to be  able to control the temperature inside of our vehicles’ cabins to help keep us comfortable and safe in all seasons and temperatures?!?  Although it wasn’t always the case, in 2020 we’d be hard-pressed to

Will Coronavirus Affect FJC Service and Supplies?

With the COVID-19 global pandemic continuing to escalate, we wanted to share with you a brief summary of our response to this crisis. Along with the safety of our employees, customers and community our priority is to ensure that we

How do I Know Whether I Should Charge my A/C?

A/C systems operate by utilizing a compressor which pressurizes and circulates refrigerant and oil through the system, producing cold air through refrigerant phase changes.  The refrigerant starts out as a gas in the low-pressure side, and is converted into a