Coolant? Refrigerant? What’s the Difference?

When you’re in the A/C business (like we are) the distinction between coolants (antifreeze) and refrigerants is abundantly clear.  However, so many people ask us to distinguish between them that we’ve decided to set the record straight once and for

Understanding the Differences Between A/C Compressor Oils

Choosing the correct lubricant for your Air Conditioning system can be confusing. The move to  more eco-friendly refrigerants and more stringent vehicle engineering standards has led to a number of regulations to manufacturer requirements for A/C compressor oils over the

10 Easy Ways to make your Car Smell Fresher

There are some car odors which are indicative of a mechanical issue that needs your attention.  For example, a burned rubber smell may indicate that your brakes or clutch need attention,  a burning oil smell may indicate an oil leak,