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What is a Spark Free Tool?

In general, “Spark Free” or “Spark Proof” tools are made of materials that do not contain iron and which utilize manufacturing processes which reduce the risk of a spark being created while the tool is in use .  They protect

Does Running A/C Really Affect Gas Mileage?

We should all try to conserve fuel, whether for the environment or our pocketbooks—or both. It is with this notion in mind that we address an age-old question:  Is it more fuel efficient to drive with the A/C running, or

27 Tips for 27 Years

It’s been 27 years since Lynn Parnell established FJC (short for Fruit Jar Chemist), creating A/C flushes in his NC garage.  We’ve come a long way since then—we’ve expanded our product line, our staff, and our footprint— now filling two