Find Your Low Side Service (Charging) Port

An automotive air conditioning system is a closed loop.  As the refrigerant moves through the system it is subject to pressure variations.  This pressure changes the phase of the refrigerant from liquid to gas and back again.  As these phase

FJC Refrigerant Cans

Top quality refrigerants demand top quality cans! All FJC refrigerant cans are produced in the USA by  the world’s leading manufacturer of two-piece steel containers.  Our supplier focuses solely on automotive and FJC Incindustrial refrigerants, specialty chemicals, and both high-and

 A Layman’s Guide to Automotive A/C

Automotive air conditioning is a self-contained system which cools the cabin of a car by changing the phase of  refrigerant from gas to liquid and back again by applying and releasing pressure on it. Each of the parts of the