To What Pressure Should I Fill My Mobile A/C?

For a mobile air-conditioning system to run efficiently, the correct amount of refrigerant must be installed in the system.   Both an under– or over-charge will affect efficiency, and the latter could even damage the system.  But how does one hit

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH— 695DT 134a Pure Refrigerant with Dispensing Top – 12 oz

FJC has been delighted by the incredible response from the DIY market for our all-in-one, no tools required, refrigerant products.   These innovative  devices feature an ease-of-use dispensing cap which makes charging an automotive A/C system simple and trouble-free. Our straight

Mr. Fixit—How Can I Determine Which Refrigerant is in My A/C System?

We sometimes hear from customers wondering what type of refrigerant is in their air conditioning system.  It’s important to correctly identify the refrigerant prior to a recharge because mixing refrigerants is not only illegal, but dangerous. As a general guideline,

Guide to Booster Cables

At FJC we understand that all booster cables are not the same, but—then again—neither are all users. Learn about important considerations for this invaluable tool and always be sure to read all instructions and follow all safety rules before using.

Understanding Refrigerant Pricing

Over the years  many people have noticed price volatility in the refrigerant market.  Price fluctuations can make users feel  concerned about whether they are getting fair pricing on their refrigerants, and wonder why the prices are not more stable.  The

Weitron/FJC Top Quality Refrigerants Made in USA

The quality of Weitron/FJC’s Made in USA refrigerants is unmatched.   We perform in-house testing for    purity, moisture, acidity and non-condensable gases, providing consistently exceptional results for our refrigerants .  You can be confident our refrigerants meet or exceed AHRI 700