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Should I Choose a Brass or Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set?

For an A/C tech, a quality set of manifold gauges is an important diagnosis and service tool.  We’ve referenced the issue of brass vs aluminum within the text of a previous blog, but since we’re still receiving questions about it,

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH—45255 Commercial Heavy Duty Booster Cables

When considering a purchase of booster cables, cable gauge, resistance, clamps, length and  product cost are all important considerations.  It is imperative to not sacrifice one quality for another.  For example, choosing a long cable at the expense of  sub-par

SALES EVENT: Celebration of America’s Re-Opening

At FJC we recognize that our customers may need a little help easing back into running their businesses after a couple months of lagging, or non-existent sales.  Money is tight, people are spooked, and we certainly could all use a