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PRODUCT OF THE MONTH—6842—Universal Side Can Tap R-12/R-134a/R-1234yf

Do you still have some old puncture-style refrigerant cans in the garage, but can no longer find puncture-style dispensing equipment? Is your local liquidator selling puncture-style cans for a fraction of the price of self-sealing? Does your business use a

Automotive A/C Repair: SAFETY FIRST!

Refrigerant and DIY tools for Automotive A/C repair are readily available at any auto parts store.  While this “ease of access” somewhat translates into “ease of use,” it is imperative to be aware at all times of the potential risks

Everything You Need to Know About Automotive A/C and Cold Weather

It’s good to know…. Air conditioning system doesn’t only cool the air, it also conditions it by drying and filtering it. Operating your vehicle’s A/C during  colder months can prolong the life of your vehicle’s system and, even more importantly,