R-1234yf Aftermarket Demand

Although the year is still relatively new, in terms of A/C systems needing aftermarket service,  2021 already represents a big change in the industry.

Since R-134a was introduced in the mid-1990s, most of the needs in the automotive A/C industry revolved around servicing R-134a systems.  Even though the industry has slowly transitioned to R-1234yf between 2015-2021, we didn’t see a decline in R-134a aftermarket demand during that time period because the majority of the vehicles on the road still utilized that refrigerant, and those vehicles were aging.  By contrast, R-1234yf systems are still relatively new, and not yet prone to needing service.

In 2021, for the first time we are experiencing a notable uptick in the demand for R-1234yf aftermarket products.  Due to the sheer increase of volume of R-1234yf systems on the road, we are starting to see some age-related degradation of rubber components, as well as collision-related damage in need of repair.  Over time, we understand that demand will continue to go up, as R-134a product demand continues to go down.

Always ahead of the curve, FJC already has a thriving R-1234yf  line of products:

Our can tap and charging hoses are patented with backflow preventers, underscoring our relentless commitment to product innovation and user safety.


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