6846 R-1234yf Service Hose and Gauge


FJC is your source for refrigerant dispensing equipment and accessories. Our products utilize the finest materials available and are precision manufactured to ensure many years of useful service life.
When choosing dispensing equipment it is important to consider (1) the type of refrigerant as the fittings differ, and (2) whether the equipment is for use with puncture-style or self-sealing cans.
Side-taps circumvent the cap requirement as they create a puncture in the side of the can rather than dispense from the cap



R-1234yf Service Hose and Gauge

  • Reusable charging hose and gauge for adding R-1234yf refrigerant
  • Use with self-sealing cans
  • Low side gauge monitors pressure to ensure correct amount of charge is reached
  • Patented design provides safe and effective discharge of refrigerant through backflow prevention

Part # 6846

6846 R-1234yf Service Hose and Gauge

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