PRODUCT OF THE MONTH—501—Polar IceTM R-134a Refrigerant with Extreme ColdTM Performance Booster

FJC’s Extreme Cold™ boosts the performance of your automotive air conditioning by lowering duct temperature by over 15%.  See our case study here which confirms the efficacy of this claim.  In addition to the “colder cold” coming into your cabin, you will also be conditioning the O-rings and rubber components of your system, helping to seal leaks in these areas.  Extreme Cold™ also extends the life of your compressor, reduces friction, removes moisture and keeps your system running smoothly.

Part #501 offers Extreme Cold in a convenient 22 oz refrigerant charge.   Our all-in-one design includes an attached charging hose and gauge to simplify your AC recharge.  Also available as a refill, without the hose and gauge—Part # 502.

Why 501—Polar IceTM R-134a with Extreme ColdTM Performance Booster, Leak Sealer & Conditioner is right for you:

  • Large 22 oz Size
  • Removes Moisture
  • Proven to lower Duct Temperatures up to 15%
  • Extends Compressor Life
  • All in One, Design and Components, Simplifies R-134a A/C System Recharging
  • Contains 20 oz R-134a Plus, 2 oz Extreme Cold additive (Performance Booster, Leak Sealer & Conditioner)
  • Easy fill Hose with Pressure Gauge
  • Easy Step by Step Instructions with Filling Charge for Reference
  • Self-Sealing Valve
  • Design provides safe and effective discharge of refrigerant through backflow prevention
  • Not for use on electric or hybrid vehicles
  • Not available for sale in the states of Washington or California


LMK 2021