FJC Automotive A/C Market Watch 2021

At FJC we are monitoring a trend in the automotive air conditioning aftermarket towards the professional tech, as opposed to the DIYer.  Some reasons for this change are:

  • Complexity of newer vehicles and A/C systems
  • Time Management—car owners don’t work on their cars as much has they had in the past
  • Knowledge—manifold sets and vacuum pumps are not really appropriate for the typical DIYer

FJC’s product line fits well into the niche of professional installer who wants his “tools of the trade” to be high quality as opposed to a DIYer who might be more cost-conscious, although the quality/pricing ratio of FJC’s products is unmatched in the market.  Our tools and equipment are durable, reliable and well-made.

In addition, FJC has a well-thought out and complete product line, positioning us more advantageously than many of our competitors.   We frequently complete “Gap Analyses” with our customers, helping to fill the gaps in their product line with our extensive offerings of tools, equipment and refrigerant.  In this way, we ensure that when our customers sell to THEIR customers, they have everything that customer needs under their roof, preventing the need to go to a competitor to complete a project.  This is a clear advantage FJC is able to offer to our customers and the marketplace as a whole.

FJC’s sales reps do not simply deliver a catalog and/or flyer and say, “Take a look at this and choose what you need.”   Our reps are automotive aftermarket A/C experts and generously educate the customers about our products and how to best service their own customers.

To learn more about FJC, our products, or the market in general, please set an appointment with our Sales Manager, Clay Barnhill at

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