As always, FJC is on the forefront of many exciting innovations in the automotive aftermarket air conditioning market.  We have integrated the ideas of the most forward-thinking people in our industry to create new products, and improve existing products, to better meet the changing needs of the automobile A/C industry.  In this post we will highlight a few of these exciting innovations.

In a previous post we discussed our new R-134a PLUS additive line with dispensing tops, so we’ll avoid a long explanation, and just include this exciting graphic.  Click it to learn more.

Also new for 2021 are two new R-1234yf assortments—Part # 4974 R-1234yf UV Dye Kit with Work Light which includes everything needed to quickly and effectively find leaks in R-1234yf A/C systems, and # 2664 R-1234yf Valve Core Service Port and Service Port Cap Assortment which includes 5 different valve cores,  5 different service caps, a valve core removal tool and a yf service port (12 part numbers/103 total pieces).   As the transition from R-134a to R-1234yf is nearly complete, we are seeing more and more demand for products which service these newer systems .  FJC’s commitment to this changeover is further underscored by our inclusion of a full line of R-124yf valve cores, service ports, adapters and tethered and untethered service port caps.

FJC is your “one stop shop” for automotive aftermarket A/C needs…..and as times and vehicles change, so do we.


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FJC – 2021 New and Innovative Products for the Automotive Aftermarket Air Conditioning Market
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