Polar Ice 12 oz R-134a PLUS Additives with Dispensing Tops

FJC is delighted to report that in response to overwhelming demand from the DIY market, we are introducing a new line of all-in-one, no tools required, R-134a plus additives.

This innovative- product line features an ease-of-use dispensing cap which makes charging an automotive A/C system simple and trouble-free.  In addition to 695DT, our straight R-134a which meets SAE J2776 and AHRI 700 purity standards, we offer five specific R-134a-with-additives products which include the dispensing cap.

  • Part # 615DT is a new product offering at FJC, which includes R-134a PLUS Stop Leak, no dye.  Stop Leak will repair small leaks in rubber components, such as O-rings, gaskets and hoses.
  • Part # 618DT is our popular Stop Leak and Red Dye product #618 with the dispensing cap added.  This product is wonderful at stopping rubber component leaks, and also visually indicating if refrigerant is still escaping from the system due to a larger than expected leak, or a leak in a metal component.
  • Part # 623DT is simply a leak-indicator, which requires a fluorescent light to show the area of the leak.  Many newer vehicles come with UV dye already in the system so that when a leak DOES occur, it is easy to locate.
  • Part # 675DT is a specialty formula for vehicles with an excess of 55,000 miles.  It contains an anti-wear additive and leak sealer for older vehicles.
  • Part # 685DT contains FJC’s Extreme Cold™ – an A/C  performance booster which removes moisture and extends the life of the compressor—all while lowering duct temperature up to 15%.
  • Part 695DT—Pure R-134a Refrigerant, made in the USA.  Now available with dispensing cap!


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