Vehicle Temperature Control in 2020

How lucky are we to be  able to control the temperature inside of our vehicles’ cabins to help keep us comfortable and safe in all seasons and temperatures?!?  Although it wasn’t always the case, in 2020 we’d be hard-pressed to find a vehicle which doesn’t include some type of cabin temperature control.

However, different vehicles have a wide range of systems and options to help us achieve these comfort goals.

Cabin Air Conditioning

Air conditioning refers to a system which combines a manually-set air temperature control as well as a manually-tuned fan speed.  By adjusting the controllers for a vague air temperature and fan speed, a driver or vehicle occupant can approximate their environmental comfort zone and maintain it with further manual adjustments should they become too cool or warm.


Climate Control

Climate Control is a more advanced, computerized system which allows a person to set a desired temperature, and the system will automatically maintain that temperature regardless of the conditions outside the vehicle.  It permits you to set a specific temperature for your comfort and it automatically maintains that temperature in the cabin using a range of interior and exterior temperature sensors to adjust the fan speed and air temperature automatically.

 Climate Comfort “Extras”

Climate control was once exclusively used in high-end luxury vehicles, but can now be found on vehicles in a wide spectrum of classes and price ranges.  When combined with frequently seen options such as dual-zone operation and seat– and steering wheel warmers and coolers, modern vehicles are able to provide unparalleled custom comfort for both drivers and their passengers.

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