Service Maintenance Parts Kits and Assortments

O-rings, gaskets, sealing washers, caps, keyways, shims, fittings, valve cores, orifice tubes and other service items are the lifeblood of every A/C Service Technician.  These are the small parts and pieces a tech reaches for over and over throughout the course of his day, and it is imperative he’s got the right parts for the job on hand at all times.

Enter FJC’s Service Maintenance Kits and Assortments.

FJC offers a convenient range of service item assortments to ensure you always have the right part for the job!  We offer assortments with as few as 20 pieces and as many as 1088 pieces.   We offer HD and other                  specialty kits and assortment.   FJC is unmatched in the number of options offered to meet the needs of  today’s Auto A/C technicians.

Each assortment is packaged in a compartmented case which identifies the part and its usage.  Our parts and pieces are all top quality to ensure that the job is done correctly the first time.  All FJC o-rings are high temperature HNBR.

Take a look at all the service part assortment options awaiting you on our website here and you may never find yourself without essential parts and pieces in your shop again!

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