R-1234yf Service Port Caps

Service port caps are the primary seal for a vehicle’s  A/C system’s service ports.   Once again, FJC is on the forefront of the automotive air conditioning market by being one of the few providers of R-1234yf high and low side service port caps.  We offer a variety of sizes, post lengths and provide each with and without a tether.

When diagnosing a system, the first step should always be to ensure that the service port caps are in place and properly installed (with O-ring inside and tightly screwed on).  Likewise, it is imperative the cap is properly replaced after servicing the system to ensure the charge is held (assuming there are no other system leaks).  Service port caps with tethers, like the one shown below,  help prevent the accidental misplacement of the cap by securing the cap to the port.



Service port caps need not only be checked when performing A/C service.  Routine inspections to confirm the service port caps are in place is good practice.  If one or both is missing in a vehicle new ones should be installed.  This will help to prevent refrigerant leakage and also help keep the A/C system performing at optimal performance by preventing debris and rain from entering and damaging the system.

FJC offers a variety of high and low side R-1234yf service port caps—with and without tethers—as well as our popular Part # 2664 R-1234yf Valve Core, Service Port and Service Port Cap Assortment .  Every shop should have an adequate supply on hand.

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