Quarantine Car Care

During the current lock down, it may not be possible to bring your vehicle into a shop for maintenance/repair. However, if (like many of us) you find yourself with extra time on your hands, and can tackle simple maintenance like a needed oil change, replacing worn wiper blades, etc, this may be a great time to do so.  If you are less mechanically-inclined, however, there are still several things you can do to care for your car and keep it performing optimally.  Since a vehicle sitting unused for long periods of time is more likely to develop issues, here are some helpful tips on how to care for your car while in quarantine.


Car batteries tend to discharge over time, and if your vehicle is not being regularly used during this pandemic, the battery is not regularly receiving electrons from the alternator.  To keep your battery happy, try an FJC Battery Maintainer.  This will help keep your battery at full charge without over charging.



An idle vehicle means vital fluids are not circulating through the system.  If you can, drive each of your vehicles at least once a week for about twenty minutes.  That may mean alternating which vehicle you use for grocery shopping, or it may mean simply taking a drive around town to appreciate the flowers and trees starting to bloom.  Short trips like these will help ensure the fluids are circulating, will help keep your battery charged, and will also prevent your brake rotors from rusting.  While home, periodically check and maintain recommended levels of all your engine fluids including oil, transmission fluid, wiper and brake fluids and coolant.



Checking your tire pressure and keeping your tires properly inflated is more important now than ever.  Again, idling is not ideal for tires, and over time you can expect them to lose air pressure. Maintaining tire pressure of 30-35 is generally recommended, but check you manufacturer’s recommendation to be sure.



When the weather’s nice, go outside and give your vehicle a good washing with car shampoo and water.  Exposure to mud, dirt, rain and road salt can do damage to your paint.  These sediments can collect on your car even if you haven’t been driving it, and the longer they remain on your vehicle, the more damage they will do.  In addition to helping your car, the fresh air and change of scenery will help lift any doldrums you may be feeling.



If your vehicle required maintenance or repairs you are unable to complete yourself, check whether your shop or dealership is offering home pick-up/delivery options.  If so, this may be an optimal time to get to some work done you hadn’t been able to when life was busier.  You can help preserve the integrity of your vehicle while helping your local small businesses as well.


Finally, while your vehicle is important, the most essential things for you to take care of during this lock down is yourself and your loved ones.  We offer these vehicle tips not to add to your stress or worry, but to hopefully help you utilize your time at home in a productive manner and maybe break up the monotony of your day in quarantine.  Stay well and stay healthy.


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