Quality Control Program: Refrigerants

Quality assurance:  FJC’s is unmatched.   In house testing provides consistently exceptional results for our refrigerants for purity, moisture, acidity and non-condensable gases.  You can be confident our refrigerants meet or exceed AHRI 700 specifications.  In fact, we guarantee it.

Moisture testing

  • Conducted using a Karl Fischer titration.
  • A sample is taken from tank and introduced to a titration cell and electricity is used to perform an oxidation reaction and introduce iodine into the cell. The iodine immediately reacts with any water present and indicates the concentration of water in the sample.
  • Tests are taken for every incoming shipment and compared to those provided by the vendor


  • A can/cylinder is randomly selected from each production line and tested each morning for comparison with the tank results
  • Performed using Agilent 7890 and 6890 gas chromatographs (GC)

NAG (Non-condensable gases)

  • Daily testing of each filling head on every production line compared to those provided by vendor
  • Performed using Agilent 7890 and 6890 gas chromatographs (GC)

Additional Testing

  • Frequent product weight tests are performed daily.
  • If deviation from specification is detected, production is halted

Leak Checks

  • Cans run through a water bath immediately after fill (130-140 °F)
  • Cylinders, both disposable and returnable, are sprayed with a detergent solution with rust inhibitor
  • In both scenarios, bubbles will form at the spot of a leak

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