2501 PAG Oil 46 with UV Dye Gallon


  • FJC’s Air Conditioning Dyes mix with the oil and refrigerant and circulate throughout the A/C system.
  • At the area of a leak, a small amount of dye will escape and stain the area with dye, exposing the leak.
  • UV/Fluorescent dyes allow the operator to see this with the aid of the UV lamp and enhancing glasses, while red dye is evident to the naked eye.
  • A repair can then be conducted to the affected area.

  • SDS
  • INSTRUCTIONS:  See Product Packaging

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PAG Oil 46 with UV Dye Gallon

  • OE Viscosity Synthetic PAG Oil for Mobile A/C Systems
  • Contains Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye, Saving Time over Existing Methods of Dye Injection
  • FJC PAG 46 Oil with UV dye can be used in R-134a mobile A/C systems requiring 46 centistokes viscosity PAG oil.
  • As Recommended by OE and Compressor Manufacturers
  • For Use with R-134a Only
  • Can Be Detected Using any UV Light
  • Made in the USA

ATTENTION: A partial charge of PAG Oil with Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye will not provide enough dye for proper fluorescing. Only a full system charge during normal service will provide maximum fluorescing for the mobile A/C System. A partial charge may be added to a system which already contains dye

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Part #2501

2501 PAG Oil 46 with UV Dye Gallon

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