2738 R-134a Flow-Through A/C Oil Injector


  • FJC offers a wide variety of dye and oil injectors for all types of automotive refrigerants
  • Add dye/oil to system without adding refrigerant
  • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction for years of reliable use
  • Dye/oil can be injected in while system is under a vacuum, or against the pressure while the system is full and running


R-134a Flow Through Oil Injector

  • Add two ounces of oil to an A/C system while under pressure or vacuum
  • Connects between charging hose and vehicle service port
  • Refillable
  • Add oil or dye without adding refrigerant
  • Replacement male service end is Part #2602
  • Replacement o-ring is Part # 2736

UPC: 609989009655

Part # 2738

2738 R-134a Flow-Through A/C Oil Injector

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