PRODUCT OF THE MONTH—KWIK SEAL Air Conditioning Stop Leak & Conditioners

If you have noticed a sudden change in your A/C output, you may have a leak in a metal component.  These leaks can be caused by accidents or other damage, or corrosion from moisture in the system.  These type of leaks require a permanent seal in the area of the leak, whether in the condenser, evaporator or any other metal component.  Most leak seal products contain a substance which cycles through the system as a liquid and reacts with moisture present at the area of the leak and congeals, effectively sealing the leak.   To use this type of sealer, it is recommended that the system first be fully evacuated , the receiver/drier or accumulator be replaced, and a vacuum is pulled to remove any remaining moisture from the system.  If these steps are not followed, the sealer can react with moisture which is in the system causing clumps which can restrict refrigerant flow, clog the receiver drier or accumulator—and even damage any recovery equipment used on the system.

FJC sells two unique types of products which contain metal sealers which will NOT CLOG or DAMAGE equipment.   We offer 9160 Kwik Seal STOP LEAK with Conditioners 2 oz which must be introduced into the system using a dye/oil injector, and 9164 and  9165 Kwik Seal Air Conditioning Stop Leak & Conditioners which is an aerosol which uses R-134a as a propellant .  9165 includes a dispenser in its cap, while 9164 does not.

This is not an area in which you should take chances use FJC products and never worry about any negative effects on your system.



  • Designed for the do-it-yourself market AND professional technician
  • Seals most leaks in all metal and rubber components
  • Creates a permanent seal
  • WILL NOT DAMAGE a/c recovery/recycle equipment
  • Part # 9165 includes an easy to use hose with R-134a quick coupler—no other tools required!


LMK 2020