FJC’s POLAR ICE™ Kwik Seal™ is different from all the other Leak Seal treatments on the market (and by “different from” we mean “BETTER THAN”).   FJC’s Stop Leak Treatment is a 3 ounce miracle which contains special sealing additives which not only seals leaks in rubber components, like O-rings and hoses, but also repairs small leaks in the metal components.  The biggest differentiator between FJC’s Stop Leak and the others is that ours is GUARANTEED to not clog or damage the A/C system or your expensive recovery/recycle equipment.

Our newly designed built-in recharge hose with push-button dispenser provides a no-fuss, no-tools all-in-one leak seal solution.

Kwik Seal is compatible with R-134a and its lubricants, but has not been approved for use in hybrid or electric vehicles.

Why 9165—POLAR ICE™ Kwik Seal™ Stop Leak is right for you:

  • Advanced Formula Stops Leaks Where others Fail
  • Stops A/C Leaks in Condensers, Evaporators, Hose Connections, Gaskets & O-rings
  • Seals most leaks in all metal and rubber components
  • Kwik Seal Stop leak creates a permanent seal
  • Will not clog system or damage a/c recovery/recycle equipment
  • Add Kwik Seal Stop Leak to any R-134a automotive system to prevent leaks
  • Contains a visible red dye to assist in the location of larger leaks where a repair may be necessary.  No UV light required.
  • 3 oz. (85g)
  • Convenient NEW DESIGN Dispensing Top


LMK 2021