PRODUCT OF THE MONTH—5109 Nitrogen/Hydrogen Gas Electronic Leak Detection System

Due to the high cost of R-1234yf refrigerant, FJC recommends checking for leaks in yf systems with a Nitrogen/Hydrogen gas electronic leak detection system.   Using hydrogen/nitrogen as your tracer gas provides a significant cost savings over R-1234yf or helium while also providing heightened leak detection sensitivity over bubble testing methods.

Charge the system with a blend of 95% Nitrogen/5% Hydrogen without starting the vehicle, and then use the included electronic leak detector to find the location of the leak.  The highly sensitive hydrogen sensing chip is activated in the presence of hydrogen.  Run the sniffer tip of the detector along the A/C piping. (   When a leak is passed over,  the unit will detect the escaping hydrogen and alert you to the location of the leak.

This method of leak detection is economical and efficient.  The cost to fill the system with the H2/N2 blend is generally $12 to $15.  It is also safe and easy to use, inert and non-flammable.  Finally, this system offers improved detection.  Since the molecules are so small, even the tiniest openings will allow the hydrogen to escape.



  • Our Deluxe H2/N2 Leak Detector is certified compliant with SAE J2790
  • It works with R-1234yf and R-134a refrigerants
  • Uses 95% Nitrogen/5% Hydrogen mixture to find leaks electronically
  • Includes a 96” red service hose
  • Includes a H2/N2 regulator with 2” delivery and contents gauges
  • Includes both R-1234yf and R-134a High Side manual couplers with 1/4” MF
  • All in a protective plastic carrying case

LMK 2020