PRODUCT OF THE MONTH—2724—R-1234yf Hand turn Oil and Dye Injector

  • Most cars will not engage the A/C compressor when there is an inadequate supply of oil in the system.
  • You may prefer to have UV dye in your system before there is a leak so if your system fails to adequately cool, you can readily spot the leak.
  • You might choose to add a performance booster to your system to decrease vent temperature, remove moisture, and extend compressor life.

Whatever your reason for needing to introduce an additive into your R-1234yf A/C system, FJC’s Hand Turn Oil and Dye Injector is the best means to do it

Part # 2724 is our most popular yf oil and dye injector.  It’s 2-oz capacity accurately delivers the  optimum dosage of dye, oil or leak stop for any R-1234yf system.  When you want to add an additive to your mobile A/C but do not need additional refrigerant, the use of an oil/dye injector prevents potential damage caused by an overcharged systen.  It is compatible with all fluorescent dyes, oils and additives, but should only be used with those explicitly approved for R-1234yf A/C systems.

This professional field service tool boasts sturdy aluminum and brass construction and provides superior quality and longevity.

All FJC service tools come complete with a ONE (1) YEAR warranty from the date of purchase when used in accordance with its product user manual or instructions.

Why 2724—R-1234yf Hand Turn Oil Injector is right for you:

  • Perfect for introducing dye, lubricant, or leak stop to a R-1234yf A/C system
  • Does not require manifold gauge to use on low side of pressurized systems
  • 2 oz refillable canister
  • Add oil and dye without adding refrigerant
  • Heavy Duty anodized aluminum body with brass connector for years of reliable use
  • Our best selling yf injector
  • Includes 90° low side quick coupler for R-1234yf systems with anti-blowback and 1/4” Male fitting


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