Power Inverter Guide

A power inverter is a device that converts low-voltage Direct Current (DC) power to standard household Alternating Current (AC) power.   The inverter does not produce any power on its own, rather it is provided by the DC source.  An Inverter allows you to operate household appliances and electrical equipment using the power produced by a car, truck or boat battery or even renewable energy sources. They be used to power portable hand-held tools, TVs, lights, and computers and can also be used to protect your home and belongings during a power outage, by providing emergency backup power to essential household equipment such as phones, freezers, sump pumps, or medical devices.

One of the key differences between inverters is how much AC power they produce. Add up the wattage of all the devices you will run simultaneously, and make sure the inverter will supply sufficient AC power.

FJC offers 7 Power Inverter models, ranging from 400 to 5000 watts.  All include connection cables and instructions, low battery alarm, and overload and short circuit protection.  View all our Power Inverter models here .

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