O-Ring Lubrication

You might have noticed that FJC offers O-ring Lubricant (Part #2206).  You may have also read the description pf this convenient aerosol spray:    Use FJC O-ring Lubricant to decrease the surface friction of the O-ring, helping to prevent abrasion, pinching or cutting of the O-ring during installation.  Lubrication also helps to seat the O-ring properly and aids in automated assembly processes.

What you likely haven’t seen ,however, is something which underscores the importance of this product, and O-ring lubrication in general.  O-ring lubricant, also called “lube” or “grease”, extends the life of O-rings by creating  a surface film which seals the O-ring and metal surface.   In addition, it protects the O-ring against drying and cracking, which is the most common cause of A/C system leaks.  The lubricant saturates the O-ring, causing a very minor swelling of the HNBR material.  In this way, water and debris will be less likely to enter the system, and refrigerant will be less likely to escape.

Apply a thin, uniform film of  lubricant over the entire surface of the O-ring every time you install one to help ease installation and seating of the O-ring.  FJC’s convenient spray also helps get the lubricant into tight spaces.

Ideally a lubricant should maintain its consistency when in use.  You will feel confident knowing FJC’s lubricant will sustain its viscosity and will never degrade the HNBR O-rings used in automotive A/C.

LMK 2019