New Year, New Products!

As in years past, for 2020 FJC has integrated the ideas of the most forward-thinking people in our industry to create new products, and improve existing products, to better meet the changing needs of the automotive Air Conditioning industry.

We are introducing premium telescopic inspection mirrors which allow you to visually inspect or access areas previous out of view/reach.     Available in a variety of diameters and telescopic lengths, these are handy tools for professionals and DIYers alike.


FJC has hit it out of the part with  our  incredible “Power of Nitrogen” line!  With low-cost nitrogen fueling our new flush kit, pressure tester and leak detection system, users will enjoy economical, chemical-free, modern, efficient and POWERFUL additions to their tool boxes.

Some other new and exciting offerings from us in 2020 include a first-to-market R-1234yf Valve Core Remover/Installer kit—and a top quality Hand-held Hydraulic Crimper kit, offered at far below market value.



For additional infomation on these, or any FJC products, please check our new 2020 catalog or visit us at


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