2019 New and Innovative Products for the Automotive Aftermarket Air Conditioning Market

FJC is on the forefront of many exciting innovations in the automotive aftermarket air conditioning market. We have integrated the ideas of the most forward-thinking people in our industry to create new products, and improve existing products, to better meet the changing needs of the automobile A/C industry. In this post we will highlight a few of these innovative tools.

We are proud to debut the handy R-134a and R-1234yf Refrigerant Check Gauges. These convenient checkers are convenient, quick and inexpensive tools which check the low side operating pressure of mobile air conditioning systems. Once the pressure is recorded, the indicator needle locks into place for easy viewing and sharing with customers. A simple click of the pressure-release button resets the gauge for it’s next use. Look for FJC Part #s 2805 and 2805 yf.

Also new for 2019 is the FJC Multi-Function Work Light. This impact-resistant and waterproof gadget uses the latest technology to provide three lighting modes: low LED, high LED and extreme UV light detection. A heavy duty mounting magnet ensures this tool is always at hand, and the prop-up stand allows for convenient hand-free use. Check out FJC Part # 4968

Another product we’ll highlight here is FJC’s brand new R-1234yf UV Dye Kit. This all-in-one kit contains everything necessary to perform leak detection on late model year air conditioning systems which use state-of-the-art R-1234yf refrigerant. FJC Part # 4972yf includes: a dye injector, UV dye, adapter, R-1234yf coupler, UV safety goggles, and a UV light.

For 2020 FJC is introducing Telescopic Inspection Mirrors and Tools in a variety of sizes and  lengths.  Telescopic inspection Mirrors allow you to visually inspect or access areas previously hidden while Magnetic Telescopic Retrieval Tools allow easy retrieval of small objects from confined areas..   Look for FJC Part #s 278427852786, and 2787.

We are also in development to bring several other new products to market in 2020, some of which we will introduce at AAPEX.  For a full list of our new 2020 innovative products, check out the first few pages of our 2020 catalog.  You can request a copy, or view it online at fjcinc.com after January 1.

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