Ah, Spring! As the days get longer, moods elevate and people are ready to get out and enjoy the fresh air and awakening scenery. For many of us that includes car rides to and from our location, and increasingly in this Covid world, the ride sometimes becomes the destination.

Before you head out on a relaxing day trip, here are some tips to make sure your car is ready for your Spring outings:

A car’s exterior can really suffer from the nasty weather and road chemicals during the cold winter months. Because they’re so pervasive, many of us don’t even bother washing them off during the winter because we know they’ll just get us again on our next outing. As we approach warmer months, however, you may want to remove the corrosive salts left behind on your vehicle.

Changes in weather and temperature affect your tires, as can hitting one or more of the potholes winter has left behind. Temperature changes can affect the pressure in your tires and road salt and brines can degrade the rubber. So springtime is a perfect time to conduct a visual inspection and tire pressure check. While you’re at it, check for any alignment issues that hitting the occasional pothole may have caused.

While you’re maintaining your vehicle for spring, consider that this is a perfect time to check your wiper blades, after winter conditions have taken their toll. Replace worn blades and stock up with plenty of windshield washer fluid. A dirty windshield causes eye fatigue and can pose a safety hazard due to decreased visibility.

This is also a great time to inspect your auto A/C. Was it working well at the end of last summer? If not, you likely have a leak which continued throughout the winter (hint, an under performing A/C will not get better on it’s own). Check our website for a wide variety of leak detection and stop leak tools and products. Also, consider replacing your cabin air filters which clean the air entering the heating and air conditioning system.

If there is any dirt blocking your air cabin filter, it can easily worsen as the pollen levels increase and pollen and other debris may enter your car. This is a perfect time to clean and/or replace this important filter.

During the colder months, many people opt for lower viscosity oil as it flows more easily in low temperatures and ensures that your car starts more easily. As spring approaches, it’s a good idea to begin thinking about changing your oil to a higher viscosity to ensure friction points are properly coated as the weather warms. In addition, oil becomes dirty so changing it at regular intervals ensures that your engine performs well and means that there is less chance of your car breaking down.

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