FJC’s Stop Leak Named “2019 TOP 10” A/C Leak Stopper

At FJC we know when we’ve got a good thing….but it’s not every day that an independent researcher validates that knowledge by choosing one of our products as a “Top 10” on the market for its category.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Ezvid Wiki spent 26 hours researching, video recording and editing to help determine the top A/C Leak Stoppers on the  market.  Their determination?  FJC’s R-134a Stop Leak (Part # 9140) was named the “Best Inexpensive Stop Leak”  and 5th best product overall!  Citing its affordable pricing, excellent lubricating properties, and visual red dye, R-134a Stop Leak earned an impressive consumer rating of 4.3/5.

FJC’s R-134a Stop Leak contains sealers with O-ring conditioners which actually rejuvenates and seals leaks in O-rings and gaskets.  It contains red leak detection dye, negating the necessity of a UV light.  It is safe for automotive A/C systems as well as refrigerant recovery and charging equipment.

To view the rankings, please click here.

To watch video footage of the actual testing of FJC’s R-134a Stop Leak, see below:

LMK 2019