FJC’s 2021 Catalog Makes its Debut

One thing we frequently hear from our customers is that a physical printed catalog really sets FJC apart from the competition.   This physical, tangible resource becomes a permanent part of their business.  They like having a copy or two on their sales counters and more in their shops to use for reference so they don’t need to go to a desk to look up items or information.  They like being able to dog-ear important pages and to take notes in the margins so they have a record of their experiences.  And when they have “down time”, a catalog allows them to peruse our products at their own pace, on their own schedule—and they won’t accidentally close their browser, or have to frantically search  for something they saw online a month or more ago.

And it is with this understanding we are proud to unveil our 2021 catalog!  A digital copy is already posted on our website and physical copies will be sent to our Business Partners in early January.  If you are not currently on our mailing list, please fill out a request form or contact our customer service team at 704-664-3587.

The first few pages of the FJC catalog is always dedicated to new industry-forward products which help our customers stay on the forefront of the changing needs of the automotive air conditioning industry.  We hear often that our customers check out this area as soon as their new catalogs are received.  Without this vital communication, they might not be inclined to research emerging trends for their businesses.

Inside, the catalog is broken down into categories:  Refrigerants and their associated products, Air conditioning tools, Service items, and the FJC Power Division.  A Table of Contents in the front, and an index by part # in the back help make it easy to find exactly what you need with ease.

In addition to our products, our catalog shares important company information, including our physical and digital contact information and warranty policy. We also share critical industry information, including product interchanges and governmental regulatory changes which will impact their business.

When customers pick up our catalog, they get valuable information immediately. They also tend to spend more time consuming that information than they would online.  They are able to put it down and pick it up again later to reinforce that information.  All these things help them to foster a learning environment for themselves, their staff, and even their own customers.

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