FJC Refrigerant Cans

Top quality refrigerants demand top quality cans!

All FJC refrigerant cans are produced in the USA by  the world’s leading manufacturer of two-piece steel containers.  Our supplier focuses solely on automotive and industrial refrigerants, specialty chemicals, and both high-and low-pressure gas applications.   That specialization shows in the quality and safety of their cans, especially when contrasted against the less-expensive Chinese-produced cans used by some other companies.

You may have noticed the patented pressure relief trademark denoted by a crescent-shaped indent on the underside of most of our cans.  What you probably didn’t know, however, is that indent shields you (and all our customers!) from liability.  Cans with this pressure relief device provide optimal conditions for maximum aerosol safety and performance. By allowing contents to evacuate safely through the bottom, our cans remain intact in the event of over pressurization and reduce the likelihood of severe injury if the can is mishandled during use, storage, or transportation.

Our can supplier continually focuses on the safety and structural integrity of their cans and has over 50 years of technical expertise securing and maintaining numerous DOT special permits making them the preferred supplier of quality– and safety- conscious companies like FJC.

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