FJC— Partnership with Sexton Cans

At FJC  dedication to quality and safety are paramount.  In fact, only the best will do for our customers!

It is for this reason all our refrigerants and refrigerant products are packaged in cans which utilize the most innovative quality- and safety  technology—Sexton cans!

ITW Sexton is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of two-piece steel containers.  Their seamless design cans are produced in the USA solely for automotive refrigerants and specialty chemical applications.   Their cans have earned ISO and Department of Transportation certifications which ensure that each can is of the highest possible quality.

Sexton cans have been engineered to  include a patented safety feature on the bottom of each unit.  The crescent-shaped pressure relief device allows contents to evacute safely through the bottom, keeping the body of the can intact in the event of over-pressurization or damage.  This, combined with the structural integrity of the can itself,  greatly reduces the likelihood of severe injury in the event of mishandling during use, storage or transportation.

On the other end of the can, all FJCs refrigerant cans include an EPA-mandated self-sealing valve.  Unlike the puncture-style cans of old, self-sealing valves automatically reseal when the dispensing tool is removed.  This feature prevents harmful greenhouse gases from venting into the atmosphere and contributing toward Global Warming or the depletion of the ozone layer.

The superior quality of our cans underscores our relentless commitment to setting the industry standard for quality and safety.


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