FJC Introduces New Professional USB Rechargeable Work Light with UV Leak Detection

New for 2019 is FJC’s Multi-Function Work Light.  This impact-resistant and waterproof gadget offers the latest in technology and convenience.  Its COB (chip on board) technology means the LED chip is built directly into the circuit board eliminating the need for additional packaging and increasing efficiency.  It provides three powerful lighting modes:  low LED, high LED and extreme UV light detection and the 120 degree beam provides larger coverage, maximizing the illumination distance up to 16 feet.

A heavy duty mounting magnet ensures this tool is always at hand, and the prop-up stand and hook allow for convenient hand-free use in all work settings.  It can easily stand, hang or stick on any suitable surface.

This unique cordless work light is USB rechargeable (cable included) for long-lasting use and features lights which  provide up to 350 lumens.    In addition, the LED chip has an ultra long lifespan, letting you use this light for decades without need of replacement.

Grip-tech rubberized housing ensures secure grip and impact resistance.  Its compact size makes this          indispensable tool easy to carry , even in pockets or toolkits.

You’ll want to use the Multi-Function Work Light  for camping, fishing, home use, blackouts and emergencies, but it’s really designed to illuminate your under-the-hood work area and aid in refrigerant leak detection.  You may just want to buy TWO!

For additional information and photos, check out FJC Part # 4968

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