Beyond “Straight Refrigerants” – R-134a with Additives

FJC offers a complete line of refrigerants for automotive applications.  In sizes ranging from 3 oz to 22 oz,  the FJC Signature Series offers premium R-134a refrigerant with a gamut of additives for the specific needs of your system.   Additives may include lubricant (oil), red or UV dye, stop leak, Extreme Cold, and extra wear protection additives.  Sorting through the choices need not be confusing, so we will break it down here:

R-134a with Dye—Since refrigerant is colorless, when an automotive A/C system has a leak, it is often difficult to find its location.  By adding dye to a refrigerant charge, the leak becomes apparent.  Red Dye charges, like # 618 or  #9140, provide an indicator visible to the naked eye.  After a charge with these products, the area of the leak will be stained red.  UV dye charges (#623 or #4921), by contrast, require the use of a black, or UV leak detection, light to expose the dye.  These dye charges pinpoint existing leaks for quicker repair, or help in the identification of future leaks should they occur.

R-134a with Leak Sealer—FJC’s trademarked Kwik Seal Stop Leak products (#9164 and #9165) help to prevent and repair small leaks from inside the air conditioning system.  These products work by creating a permanent seal in all metal and rubber components (condensers, evaporators, hose connections, gaskets and O-rings) without damaging a/c recovery or recycling equipment.

R-134a for High Mileage—Uniquely developed for vehicles with an excess of 55,000 miles, FJCs part  # 675 and #677 contain a leak sealer in addition to a booster/anti-wear additive.  This helps extend the life of older R-134a systems.

R-134a with Extreme Cold ® – A refrigerant with the synthetic Extreme Cold ® performance booster, like FJC products # 685 and 9150, as well as our entire Polar Ice®  line lowers duct temperature by up to 15% , removes moisture, restores seals and O-rings, and extends the life of the compressor

R-134a Oil Charge—Lubricant/oil charges allow the user to replace their system oil without discharging the system.   Oils are required in a system to lubricate the compressor and keep the system running smoothly.  FJC offers a variety of oil charges including PAG 46/PAG 100/PAG150/Universal PAG, Ester oils and hybrid vehicle lubricants.

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