6852 R-1234yf Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set


FJC’s A/C Manifold Gauge Sets test automotive air conditioning systems by comparing the pressure readings between the “high side” and “low side”to manufacturers’ specifications.
Use this set to test, evacuate and fill automotive air conditioning systems.
Color coding on gauges, valves and hoses ensure correct installation.
Our manifold sets offer large gauges with impact-resistant lenses.


Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set

  • Aluminum manifold with pressure gauges
  • High and low side R-1234yf  manual couplers
  • 72 inch Red, Yellow and Blue R-1234yf hoses
  • Aluminum manifold with front easy-to-operate color-coded handles
  • Side hose hangers
  • Manual R-1234yf  high side service port coupler
  • Manual R-1234yf  low side service port coupler
  • Anti-flutter high and low side gauges with re-calibration adjustment
  • Plastic clamshell packaging

Part # 6852

(This item is also available with a protective plastic case.  See Part # 6850)

6852 R-1234yf Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set

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