2830 Orifice Tube Remover/ Installer Kit


  • FJC offers a wide range of high quality air conditioning tool kits to restore the performance of mobile A/C systems
  • All-in-one tool kits ensure proper tools are at hand for most scenarios
  • The orifice tube meters refrigerant flow through the system and filters debris which may come through
  • It becomes necessary to replace the orifice tube if the fine mesh screen or the internal components of the orifice tube become plugged, restricting refrigerant and lubricant flow.


Orifice Tube Remover/Installer Kit

  • Easily Removes Orifice Tubes without Damage
  • Storage Case Included
  • Used to replace Standard and T-Top Orifice Tubes

UPC: 609989007927

Part # 2830

2830 Orifice Tube Remover/ Installer Kit

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