2445 FJC DyEstercool Oil Quart

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FJC’s SIGNATURE OIL with UV DYE.   An all-natural, 100-Viscosity Ester oil Contains additives which give it the ability to lubricate and protect the system at the same time Contains FJC Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye to save time over traditional dye injection methods.   Can be added to any existing R-12 or R-134a mobile A/C system with Mineral, PAG, Paraffin or Ester Oil.

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FJC DyEstercool Oil 8 oz

  • FJC Estercool oil with added FJC Fluorescent leak detection dye
  • DyEstercool oil can be used in R-134a or R-12 mobile A/C systems and can be used ins a system being retrofitted from R-12 to R-134a. It can be mixed with any other oil used in these systems.
  • An 8 ounce bottle contains enough UV leak detection dye for a single mobile A/C system
  • Compatible with Mineral, Ester, Paraffin and PAG Oil
  • 100 Viscosity
  • Can be detected using a standard UV Light
  • Saves time over existing methods of dye injection
  • Made in USA

ATTENTION: A partial charge of DyEstercool oil will not provide enough dye for proper fluorescing. Only a full system charge during normal service will provide maximum fluorescing for the mobile A/C System.   A partial charge may be added to a system which already contains dye

UPC: 609989003035

Part #2445

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134a (Ref), Fluids

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