2400 Extreme Klean A/C Flush quart

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To remove old oil, debris and contaminants from vital a/c system components, it is necessary to flush them with a high-quality flushing agent. Items which require flushing include condensers, evaporators, and hose assemblies which do not have mufflers or filters. Please note: multi-pass condensers cannot be flushed and should be replaced.

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Extreme Klean A/C Flush Quart

  • For use in flushing a mobile air conditioning system.
  • Extreme Klean flush is designed to be used in the FJC flush gun part # 2710.
  • Compatible with all Mobile A/C Refrigerants and Oils
  • Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.
  • Removes oil & contaminates within the A/C system
  • Use with Part # 2710  FJC Flush Kit
  • Keep away from heat or open flame.  Extremely flammable, see MSDS sheet.

UPC: 609989013317

Part #2400

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Product Category/Type

A/C Flush & Accessories, Fluids

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