2710 FJC Flush Kit


  • FJC offers a Full line of Flush Kits, Accessories and Replacement Parts
  • Designed for use with FJC Air Conditioning Flushes
  • Quickly and effectively remove refrigerant oil and debris during retrofitting or compressor replacement


FJC Flush Kit 

  • Kit includes:  Canister, Hose, Nozzle, Air Cut Off Valve and Instructions
  • Reusable canister, holds up to 18 oz
  • Designed for use with # 2405, 2406, 2032, 2128
  • Replaces older style flush kits and nozzles produced for use with R-113
  • Is required to receive the full cleaning potential from Flush Solvent
  • Use Flush Kit to remove contaminants, moisture, and acid from air conditioning systems using refrigerants R-12, R-134a or R-22
  • Flush sold separately
  • Quick disconnect air fitting not included

Replacement Parts:

  • Part # 2716 – Replacement Hose
  • Part # 2717 –  Replacement O-ring
  • Part # 2718 –  Air Cut off Valve

UPC: 609989003561

Part #2710

2710 FJC Flush Kit

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