Mobile A/C Leak Detection and Repair

Diagnosing an automotive A/C system that is not blowing cold air takes a multi-faceted approach.   One of the most common problems causing a mobile A/C to blow warm, especially after a long winter or period of non-use, is a refrigerant

Essential Things to Understand Before Buying Booster Cables

At FJC we understand that all booster cables are not the same.   So don’t grab those cables from the bargain bin just yet! First be sure read this informative blog before making that well-intentioned impulse purchase. Learn about important considerations

Is There Value in Attending an Automotive Aftermarket Trade Show?

It’s tough to get away from the daily grind sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial to our careers. We all know Trade Shows are great places to network and meet up with potential clients and vendors. However, many