The quality of Weitron/FJC’s Made in USA refrigerants is unmatched.   We perform in-house testing for    purity, moisture, acidity and non-condensable gases, providing consistently exceptional results for our refrigerants .  You can be confident our refrigerants meet or exceed AHRI 700 specifications.

In fact, we guarantee it.

The following tests are conducted on our refrigerants, and we have a Certificate of Analysis for each lot on file.

Moisture Testing

  • Moisture testing is conducted using a Karl Fischer titration.
  • A sample is taken from the tank and introduced to a titration cell. Electricity is used to perform an oxidation reaction and introduce iodine into the cell. The iodine immediately reacts with any water present and indicates the concentration of water in the sample.
  • Tests are taken for every incoming shipment and compared to those provided by the vendor
  • Moisture level is guaranteed to be under 10 ppm


  • Cans and cylinders are randomly selected from each production line and tested for comparison with the tank results
  • These tests are performed using Agilent 7890 and 6890 gas chromatographs (GC)
  • Refrigerants will meet or exceed the 99.5% purity requirement of AHRI-700 Specification

NAG (Non-condensable gases)

  • Daily testing of each filling head on every production line compared to those provided by vendor
  • Testing is performed using Agilent 7890 and 6890 gas chromatographs (GC) to ensure percentage is well under the allowed 1.5%

Additional Testing

  • Frequent product weight tests are performed.
  • A smell test is conducted to ensure the absence of odor.
  • Acidity testing is performed to guarantee <1 ppm
  • If deviation from specification is detected, production is immediately halted until the issue is remedied.

Leak Checks

  • Cans run through a water bath immediately after fill (130-140 °F). Bubbles will form at the site of any leaks.
  • Cylindersboth disposable and returnable, are sprayed with a detergent solution with rust inhibitor

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