536 FJC Polar Ice Refrigerant Plus 14oz


Introducing…..FJC Polar Ice R-134a Refrigerant Plus

  • All-in-one design simplifies R-134a air conditioner system recharging.
  • Each can includes 2 oz. Extreme Cold High Performance synthetic booster.
  • Lowers duct temperatures up to 15%. Extends life of compressor. Removes moisture.
  • Self-sealing valves.

  • Not Available for Sale in California
  • SDS 
  • Instructions:  See Product Packaging


FJC Polar Ice Refrigerant Plus 14oz

  • R-134a with Synthetic Refrigerant Oil, Extreme Cold Synthetic Performance Enhancer. Removes Moisture  14 oz
  • Lowers Duct Temperatures up to 15%, Extends Compressor Life, Removes Moisture
  • All in One, Design and Components, Simplifies R-134a A/C System Recharging
  • Contains 12 oz R-134a Plus, 2 oz Extreme Cold additive (Performance Booster, Leak Sealer & Conditioner)
  • Packaged for Smaller Capacity A/C Systems
  • Easy Step by Step Instructions with Filling Charge for Reference
  • Self-Sealing Valve
  • Not for use on electric or hybrid vehicles
  • Not available for sale in California

UPC: 609989013850

Part #536

536 FJC Polar Ice Refrigerant Plus 14oz

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