FJC is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of quality automotive air conditioning parts and service accessories. We are managed exclusively by automotive air conditioning industry experts who take great pride in providing superior product with unparalleled service.  These two very important qualities have helped position FJC in the forefront of air conditioning suppliers in the United States.  We value the relationships we have built with our clientele in the United States and overseas markets and will always strive to earn the highest level of approval from all our customers.  

FJC  offers refrigerant gases and accessories, refrigerant oils, fluorescent leak detection dyes, o-rings and gaskets, and an ever-expanding array of automotive service tools and accessories. All refrigerant oils and flushing solutions produced by FJC are environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-hazardous, and non-toxic. With facilities located in Mooresville, NC, FJC provides traditional warehouse and tool supply specialists with the latest and most frequently requested items used in the automotive repair market.

Quality:  FJC is committed to rigorous procedures which consistently generate superior products.   These exacting standards are held across all product lines and sub-assemblies.  All refrigerants, tools, parts, lubricants, accessories, boxes, pallets and custom containers shipped by FJC will exceed your expectations.

Service:  At the heart of FJC is a knowledgeable, friendly team comprised of industry experts and thought leaders.   Our expertise and dedication enables the FJC team to offer a service experience that is unrivaled in the automotive air-conditioning  industry.   Our support team is laser-focused on continually surpassing customer expectations through exemplary responsiveness, efficiency, economy, courtesy and continuous improvement.

Product:  FJC is a leading supplier and distributor of a broad range of refrigerant gases and accessories, refrigerant lubricants, dyes and flushes, tools and accessories to meet ever-changing automotive a/c applications.  We are committed to providing safe, top quality, high-performance, dependable solutions for all automotive air conditioning operations to help improve comfort and convenience.