7500 Master Clutch Puller Kit


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  • SDS:  N/A
  • INSTRUCTIONS:  See Product Packaging


Master Clutch Puller Kit

  • Essential Kit for Safely Removing and Installing Compressor Clutches.
  • Coverage for Domestic and Import Vehicles.
  • Molded Case Included

Kit Contains:

  • Part #7530 Universal Puller Body
  • Part #7534 Puller Arbor
  • Part #7537 Universal Clutch Puller Jaws
  • Part #7538 Clutch Puller Jaws
  • Part #7540 GM DA6 & V5 Clutch Puller Jaws
  • Part #7542 GM R4 Clutch Puller Jaws
  • Part #7544 Sanden 505 Pulley and Clutch Jaws
  • Part #7743 Sanden Pulley and Clutch Remover Jaws
  • Part #7725 GM A6 & V5 Clutch Puller Jaws
  • Part #7728 Diesal Kiki Shaft Protector Pilot
  • Part #7732 Universal Pilot
  • Part #7735 Nippondenso Shaft Protector

Part #7500

7500 Master Clutch Puller Kit

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