46335 Battery Hydrometer Tester


The Power Division of FJC is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of power electronic products and systems for mobile markets including battery testers, chargers, maintainers, power inverters, booster cables, and the appropriate tools for working with them.

All products are certified to comply with various regulatory testing standards to meet or exceed the applicable requirements for safety, quality, efficiency and environment.

  • SDS:  N/A
  • INSTRUCTIONS:  See Product Packaging


Battery Hydrometer

  • Immediately and accurately test battery life whether the battery is hot or cold
  • Indicator Dial Shows Battery Charge & Specific Gravity
  • Auto Shutoff Valve Prevents Overflowing
  • Acid Resistant
  • Help extend battery life and detects overcharge
  • Works on all 6-12-24 volt systems
  • Thick plastic body resists breakage
  • Direct dial scale features oversize markings
  • Instructions Included

Part #46335

46335 Battery Hydrometer Tester

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