2518 Master Retrofit Kit


  • FJC Retrofit Kits contain the necessary parts required to retrofit virtually any R-12 system to R-134a.
  • These kits will fit most cars, light-and heavy-duty trucks, vans, agricultural and off-road equipment which use a mobile air conditioning system.

  • SDS:  N/A
  • INSTRUCTIONS:  See Product Packaging


Master Retrofit Kit

  • Contains: Flush, ester oil, retrofit adapters, retrofit label and retrofit manual.
  • FJC Master Retrofit Kit contains everything needed to perform a mobile A/C retrofit from R-12 to R-134a. Kit contains 2 quarts of 2032 flush, 8 oz of 2432 Estercool oil, 2602 high side adapter, 2603 and 2604 high side adapters, retrofit decal and retrofit manual.
  • Contains the parts and instructions necessary to retrofit virtually and R-12 mobile A/C system to R-134a.
  • Was created through an advanced research and development program.

Note:  Depending upon the type of system and its condition, retrofitting may require additional parts not contained in these kits.

Part #2518

2518 Master Retrofit Kit

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