2468-55 FJC Universal PAG Oil 55 Gallon


PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol) oil, is a synthetic oil specifically designed to lubricate R-134a automotive air conditioner compressors. PAG oils are identified using numbers which show their viscosity (46,100,150). Universal PAG oil can be used in most applications. Always refer to your vehicle manual to determine the correct oil for your vehicle.


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FJC Universal PAG Oil 55-Gallon Drum

  • FJC Universal PAG Oil can be used in R134a or R12 mobile A/C systems and can be used ins a system being retrofitted from R12 to R134a. It can be mixed with any other oil used in these systems.
  • Technologically advanced formula, designed to allow one PAG for use in all mobile A/C systems
  • Can be used in R134a and R12 mobile A/C systems
  • Compatible with Mineral, Ester, Paraffin, and other PAG oils
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Made in the USA

Part #2468-55

2468-55 FJC Universal PAG Oil 55 Gallon

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