Spring is in the air, and with it are thoughts of renewal—sunshine, flowers, emerging leaves……and for some of us, cars.  That’s right, Spring is the time car enthusiasts get to wash the memories of winter from their car and make it new again.  For lovers of automobiles, spring includes plans of washing a car in the driveway, driving with the windows down, and getting back to the thrill of driving on streets devoid of ice and snow.

Spring is also time for graduations, birthdays and Father’s Day.  So, if you need to purchase a gift for someone whose idea of spring includes getting in touch with his (or her) automotive side, here are some great gift ideas that might just become instant favorites:

Automobile Car Letter Name Print

For about $60 head over to Personal Prints and pick up a beautiful automotive-themed name print.  The site includes a free generator to try out.  Type in a name and see how the final product will look.  You will also have the option of changing out letters for different auto parts.

Seat Belt Fashion Belts

Check out Buckle-down to find trademarked belts inspired by the back seats of the coolest cars around.   These are definitely a unique way to honor that car lover’s commitment to his favorite brand!

A Trip to Charlotte, NC

Sometimes an experience is worth far more than any physical gift.  Here at FJC we’re in the heart of Car-Lover territory, and we’re sure your autophile friend or family member would love a taste of what the Charlotte area has to offer.  Here is a sampling of some places you could visit to really celebrate their enthusiasm for speed:  Charlotte Motor Speedway in nearby Concord, NC, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Dale Earnhardt Inc which is right in Mooresville with FJC (be sure to wave as you pass by!), and the Richard Petty Driving Experience also in Concord.

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Great Gifts for Car Lovers
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