Choosing the Best Merchandise for Your Automotive Retail Store

A lot of factors must be considered when buying new merchandise to stock a retail establishment.   The experts at FJC can help you successfully navigate these factors, but in the meantime here are some considerations to get you thinking strategically.


New for 2022 is the FJC Booster-In-A-Bag. Our 25’ Commercial Duty booster cables enable easy charging even with less-than-ideal vehicle positioning.  They boast quality clamps with strong teeth which will help prevent slippage from battery terminals, and plastic handles to

R-1234yf and the HD/Trucking Market

The automotive A/C aftermarket is a heavily regulated industry.  For example, SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy)  was established by the EPA under Section 612 of the Clean Air Act to identify and evaluate sustitues for ozone-depleting substances.  SNAP also addressed