Mr. Fixit: How to Use Manifold Gauges

Before servicing a vehicle, confirm system refrigerant type.  Cross contamination of refrigerants can cause damage to A/C system, service tools and equipment.  Be sure to always use protective hand and eye wear. The right (red) side of the manifold is

A/C Compressor Troubleshooting

As the “heart” of the A/C system, the compressor  performs a critical duty in the cooling of your vehicle.  A compressor is a rotating pump which circulates refrigerant throughout the A/C system. Symptoms of a bad A/C compressor  include: The

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH—2800—Non-Contact Laser Thermometer

Easily and quickly measure automotive A/C temperatures from a safe and comfortable distance with FJC’s popular non-contact laser thermometer.  Advanced infrared technology accurately measures surface temperatures (not for checking human internal body temperatures).   Obtain dynamic readings by pulling the trigger,